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Help to resolve a conflict

Being stuck in a pattern of conflict hurts. It sucks energy out of your relationships and can leave you feeling frustrated or hopeless. Your efforts to make it better only seem to make it worse. Should you speak up or walk away? Should you demand what you want or settle for what you can get? More than that, how does God see your situation, and what response is he calling you to?

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My approach to conflict resolution begins with this key idea, that God sits with us in our conflicted situation and nudges us to a deeper walk with him in the midst of unresolved relationship conflict. He holds us in our pain and offers our hearts comfort and fresh courage to engage with the knotty situation that has us in a chokehold. He is the Father of lights who holds out strength for our weakness, beauty for our ashes, redemption for our brokenness. 

To be clear, I’m not advocating “being nice” and “trusting God” as a mask for fear and victimhood. I am not saying that God is the playground monitor who wags his finger at fighting children and says, “Say sorry and play nicely.” I am advocating the small but significant steps that we can take even when things seem hopeless that help us see clearer, grow stronger, and love deeper. I believe that the honesty that begins with God and leads to authentic self-reflection can flow into genuinely restored relationships. I believe that tough but healing conversations can open the way for practical solutions that are about the good of all, not one at the unwilling expense of the other. I believe that we can come to a place of peace even when the thing that’s breaking our heart does not change in spite of our efforts and prayers.

Benefits of conflict coaching

Someone outside your situation who can help you see clearly

Confidence to have that tough conversation

Peace that you are acting according to your values and not just reacting

Better relationships

Improved communication skills

Understanding and working through emotions

Work towards true forgiveness

Showing remorse and making amends from your heart

Engaging with God more deeply

If you’re looking for solutions in your conflict, fill out the contact form below or book a time to chat.

Your conflict situation can be redeemed.

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