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Choose confidently on your journey to wholeness

When you get to a place in life where you feel stuck, it can feel like choice has been taken away. Conflict, betrayal, loss, change - all these things and more challenge our sense of control over our lives.

As we learn to stand with courage in our true, God-given identity and gain clarity about our reality, options rise to our awareness. We grow stronger in our walk with God and ourselves, knowing that what happens to us does not define us and never will. We know that we are loved and valuable no matter what. We can choose our next step without being controlled by fear and uncertainty because what truly matters - our place in the heart of God - is fully assured.

Taking stock of our reality, we begin to see what we can and cannot control. We begin to grasp where our authentic choices lie. We may stand at a seeming dead-end, mourning our losses, but then our eyes clear and we see that we stand also in the place of opportunity. It is the opportunity to choose what we do with what we have power over, hanging on to that thread of faith that God is at work in the dark and that our choices, small as they may seem, matter.

Things done to you are not your choice. You are not responsible for those. Your choice and responsibility lie with what you will do with what has been handed to you. And you don’t have to choose alone.

Deep transformation happens when we genuinely step into a pathway that leads up and into the light. What choices might be needed for you in this season?

Clearer boundaries

More self care and margin

Leaning into your most caring and supportive people

An honest request for change or help

A safety plan

Honouring your losses by grieving them

Working on forgiveness

Letting go of what you are not responsible for

Work on and deliver an authentic apology

If you would like to reach out, I’d love for you to connect.


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