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Clarity for the ministry wife

Ministry wife, I see you. I see your heart to make a difference and the long hours you put in to make that a reality. Maybe you’re an organiser, a teacher, a visionary, a caterer, a sounding board, a counsellor, a bookkeeper, an evangelist. Maybe all of the above. On top of things directly related to the ministry, maybe you also look after the home, the husband, the children, hospitality for guest speakers, meals for people in need, and so much more. 

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Who is there for you, ministry wife? Who do you have for your sounding board and counsellor, to give you hospitality and help you get your needs met? It’s possible you believe that your needs don’t matter or that one day the merry-go-round will stop and you will have a chance to get off. It’s also possible that one day this non-stop life with little support will leave you too exhausted, disillusioned and burned out to do the things you stepped into this life for. Then you will stop because you have no choice.


What if you paused regularly to take time to reflect on how you might make choices now that will keep you doing what you love longer and healthier? What if you let the merry-go-round do a few turns without you while you spent time with a coach, recalibrating your direction and intentionally deciding what to do next? A little step like that could set you up to thrive for the long term and support you to accomplish the vision you had in mind when you and that guy stepped into ministry together. 

There are many benefits of coaching for ministry wives

  • Having a sounding board who is not part of the ministry context

  • Clearing your heart of frustration and disappointment

  • Developing a deeper connection with God, yourself and others

  • Freedom from people-pleasing as you stand more solidly in who you are

  • Accountability where you need it

  • Prioritising your busy life with intention and clarity

  • Balancing home and family with ministry and others

If I’m speaking your language, maybe you’d like to set up a time for us to meet.

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